Mark & Melody Perez

We are very thankful for ABS and the top of the line quality CBD oil they provide. We were recommended to ABS by our Neurologist at CSU Veterinary Hospital for our 7 year old Maltipoo Presley for her seizures. She has had over 100 seizures during the last 4 years since her first seizure. We have been with her for all of these seizures with the exception of 3 that were caught on our security cameras that we installed to monitor her while we are at work. As you can imagine, it has been heartbreaking for us.

During the last two months since Presley started on the CBD oil in addition to her regular medications, she has been seizure free. Some other positive changes are that she sleeps through the night and it appears to help her anxiety. She used to be up and down all night long, which means we didn't sleep much either worrying if she was going to have a seizure every time she got up. She is back to her happy go lucky self and enjoying fetching, which is her absolute favorite activity!

Due to the positive results with Presley, we now have put our other two dogs on the drops. Elvis is taking the drops for his arthritis and Buddy Holly as a cancer preventative as he had a cancerous tumor removed from his leg last year. They all are doing amazing and we are true believers of this product.

We would also like to note that when we first received the product and were confused about dosing amounts, David the Owner of ABS, called us himself to make sure we understood the dosing guidelines. The fact the owner would take the time to call and go over everything with us speaks volumes as to the exceptional level of customer service shown by ABS.

Thank you to ABS and David the owner for providing a quality CBD oil that we can feel confident in giving to our babies. In the attached picture is: Left: Presley, Middle: Buddy Holly, Right: Elvis.