Miley Says

Hi, this is Miley, our 9 yr old Rough Collie. Miley is a happy girl
since she hasn't had a seizure in over a month! Miley started having Grand
Mal seizures about 9 months ago. Our vet put her on Phenobarbital but the
seizures continued at the rate of one every two weeks, sometimes 2 in one
week and we kept increasing the medication. This was very disturbing to
us. I saw the article in the Denver Post about the study being done by
CSU using CBD oil for epilepsy in pets. I contacted them and got the name
of the supplier: Applied Basic Science Corp (ABSC) . I ordered some for
Miley. ABSC was very helpful in determining the correct dosage for her 6-7
drops 2 times a day (not droppersful as the CBD sold in the pet store) and
the shipping and customer support is great. It's very easy to administer,
I put the CBD in her cheek and gently massage it. We tried the CBD
capsules available at the pet store, but found that the C.H.O. Pet tincture
oil appeared to be more effective. I especially like the fact that we KNOW
where this hemp is grown and WHERE the oil is manufactured unlike other
brands online. We feel confident in given it to our beloved pets. We have
another collie, a rescue who is quite skittish around strangers (due to
severe abuse) and we have given the CBD oil to him on occasion to help
clam him in stressful situations. It was so nice to see our big boy being
able to interact without running off and hiding! This oil is amazing. I
believe it has also helped Miley with her mild arthritis! She still barks
at the squirrels and runs around the yard! She's appears to be feeling
more like her "old" self.

Best Regards
Diane S.