In a "test", a sample of oil from a large batch, pre-bottling, or a bottle is sent to a testing laboratory. A report is provided of the product profile. Usually the test also includes testing for pesticides, microbes and other chemicals.

In our Phase 1 clinical trial "Assessment of safety, toxicity, and pharmacokinetics of cannabidiol in healthy dogs" we conducted the following procedures following a study design approved by a review board: 30 healthy dogs were assigned to receive one of three formulations (capsule, oil, transdermal cream), at a daily dose of very high milligrams. Serial plasma concentrations were measured following the first dose. At 2-, 4-, and 6-weeks, blood was collected for CBC, chemistry panel, urinalysis, bile acids, and active ingredient plasma concentrations. Weekly physical examinations were performed. At the completion of the trial the 30 dogs were very healthy.