Why Our Product

Applied Basic Science Corporation

Not all cannabidiol (CBD) pet products are the same.

Our company, Applied Basic Science Corporation, was founded to research the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) in pets who suffer from epileptic seizures, joint pain from osteoarthritis, and a host of other conditions…and then manufacture trustworthy products to provide symptomatic relief.

CHO Pet Tincture is our first product, and the only cannabidiol (CBD) for pets to undergo multiple clinical trials at the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, one of the country’s leading veterinary research institutions. We sponsor these clinical trials to demonstrate scientifically that our CHO Pet Tincture compound is efficacious for epilepsy, osteoarthritis and pain management.

We are at the forefront of veterinary research and aim to be looked upon as the gold standard when it comes to pet products. Based on our scientific research, veterinarians will be able to recommend ABSC’s products with confidence and pet owners will know that there is trusted science behind CHO Pet Tincture.


When you give your pet CHO Pet Tincture, you know exactly what you are getting: 
  • Concentrated, organic Colorado hemp oil extract

  • Compounded specifically for veterinary use

  • No psychoactive ingredient (THC)

  • Rigorously tested product. No pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides used

1. CHO Pet Tincture is the only veterinary CBD product that is clinically proven to be safe and non toxic for dogs.


2. Safe to add to your dog’s conventional drug regimen.


3. Affordable ($1.50 per average dose) and covered by many pet insurance providers.