Betty P.

We spoke a few days ago about Zuzu’s first month on the CHO oil and the effects. I wanted to tell you some details. Background info: Zuzu has Chiara Malformation of the skull, has had increasing seizures and pain for 5 of her 9 1/2 years of life. Has had both ears surgically opened up for drainage of “glue ear” after both ear drums ruptured, and was diagnosed with the dog version of “Bell’s Palsy “2 months ago.

This is an excerpt from the update I sent to her neurologist this week! —At this point , Zuzu has been on the CHO oil for just over 4 weeks, there are still small seizures. Sometimes daily. Sometimes not. But the more
significant positive difference is her level of comfort has increased dramatically! She doesn’t pace all evening. She can sleep on my lap in the evening, then sleep on my bed all night for 8-9 hours. She is Peppy! People
confuse her for Maya! (Maya is my 5 year old Cavalier that does not have neurological problems) They are both therapy dogs. The nurses where we visit ask me if Zuzu is Maya because she is so happy and energetic!
I have my girl back! And I am so thankful for this time we share as 3 months ago she endured hospitalization for unending seizures. I feared her life was drastically changed for the worse.

To summarize, her seizures may have decreased in number and duration slightly. Her inflammation/discomfort has decreased significantly. Her eye droop is almost unnoticeable. ( from the dog version of Bell’s
Palsy) No drool.

I have increased the CHO dosage slowly from 1 small drop to 3 large drops. The bottle says .25ml. I haven’t reached that yet. On the phone they told me to start with one drop.